Connect Wallet

Download Metamask
- If you are using a PC/laptop, you might not yet install the Metamask Wallet extension on a web browser. Please install here
- If you are using a mobile phone, you might not yet download Metamask Wallet mobile app on your phone. Please install here
- If you are using a mobile phone and already installed Metamask Wallet mobile app, please copy the NFT store's URL and paste it to Metamask App ---> Browser section to connect the wallet.
Download WalletConnect
WalletConnect is not an app, but a protocol supported by many different decentralized applications and wallets. Install any mobile wallets supporting WalletConnect protocol.
WalletConnect wallets are available for Android and iPhone.
Connect Coinbase Wallet
To connect Coinbase Wallet to a store, you can follow these simple steps below:
Step 1: On website, click on Connect Wallet button.
Step 2: You can see Connect Wallet popup. Please select Coinbase Wallet.
Step 3: If you have not installed Coinbase wallet yet, you can see the popup below. Please click on Install button to install Coinbase wallet on your web browser. You can also scan the QR code by Coinbase wallet app on your mobile phone.
Step 4: After installing, create a new Coinbase wallet or if you have already had a Coinbase wallet, click on Import an existing wallet button.
Step 5: After signing in your wallet, select Coinbase Wallet on Connect Wallet popup, you can see Coinbase Wallet popup as below. Please click on Connect button to connect your wallet to the store.