Resell a NFT

On NFT store, you can resell NFTs on the store page if you are the owner of the NFT and the store owner enable the secondary sale mode.
This tutorial shows you how to resell an NFT in some simple steps.

1. Resell an NFT

Step 1: On an NFT details page, click on Sell button
Step 2: A Sell NFT pop-up will be displayed. Enter On Sale Quantity, Instant Price, and choose Token to put on sale. You need to approve the token if you're using it for the first time.
After the token is approved successfully, let's click on Put on Sale button
Step 3: Click Sign on Metamask wallet to listing your item.
That's all done. You have already resold your NFT item

2. Cancel selling

You can cancel selling your NFT item by following these steps
Step 1: On an NFT details page, click on Cancel Selling button
Step 2: A Cancel selling pop-up will be displayed, please click on Confirm