The Game Plan

Our goal is to establish FIFAPP as the leading innovator in the sports collectible NFT market. FIFAPP combines an innovative business model at the intersection of a massive traditional industry (sports entertainment) and a young fast-growing industry (NFTs & cryptocurrencies) by empowering sports figures as creators and providing a platform for them to monetize their creations by connecting and interacting with their fans like never-before-possible.
FIFAPP has developed the C2E (Collect to Experience) model around sports digital collectibles. The model is based on a form of engagement with sports fans on 3 levels:
  • Emotional: by collecting NFTs from their favorite clubs and athletes, fans own and treasure sports' most iconic moments. We’ve acquired a unique expertise in content creation and storytelling around every collection launched in the market.
  • Social: fans access an exclusive community of fellow supporters and collectors. FIFAPP’s community management team ensures every drop is launched into the market in a curated way by supporting, engaging and guiding the community during the whole process.
  • Entertainment: $FIFAPP and NFT holders access a wide range of experiences that money can’t buy in the physical and virtual spaces. Utility is at the heart of every NFT collection and we make sure we can deliver very relevant experiences by having a personal understanding of what fans desire.